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Amewire 15 meter 1080p VGA Cable (3+6) Male to Male Nick Plated (DAE) HD Video Connector for TV PC Projector

VGA Cable

Amewire 15 meter 1080p VGA Cable (3+6) Male to Male Nick Plated (DAE) HD Video Connector for TV PC Projector

Structure Cabling Grade Material: Transmission without distortion

1080p HD Supported: 1920*1080 pixels to show attractive views

PVC Jacket: High tenacity, flexible while anti-stretch

Optimized Fishtail: Don't worry about the crack in the joint of the connector and cable, even it's squeezed in a narrow space

Shield Your Screen from Splash: Pure copper conductor for stable & fast signal transmission

Multiple Lengths Available: Up to 30m transmission distance for diverse requirements

Nick-plated Interface: Resistant to abrasion, oxidation, and rustiness

    Product Description

    Amewire 1080p VGA Cable (3+6) Male to Male Nick Plated (DAE)01sa3

    The VGA 3+6 strip, also known as the VGA connector or cable, serves as the interface between a computer or other VGA-enabled device and a display monitor, projector, or television screen. The "3+6" designation typically refers to the pin configuration of the VGA connector, indicating a total of 9 pins arranged in two rows, with 3 pins in one row and 6 pins in the other.It strip facilitates the transmission of analog video signals, allowing for the display of images and graphics on the connected screen. It supports resolutions up to 1920x1200 pixels and is commonly used for displaying computer output, such as presentations, videos, and graphics-intensive applications.

    PVC (Polyvinyl Chloride) stands as a versatile and widely used synthetic material renowned for its durability, affordability, and versatility. Composed of chlorine, carbon, and hydrogen, PVC exhibits exceptional resistance to abrasion, chemicals, weathering, and flame, making it suitable for various applications. Its flexibility allows for easy molding into diverse shapes and sizes, finding extensive use in construction, plumbing, electrical insulation, signage, healthcare products, and packaging. Despite concerns about its environmental impact and potential release of toxic byproducts during manufacturing and disposal, PVC's widespread adoption persists due to its low cost, longevity, and adaptability across a broad spectrum of industries.

    Amewire 1080p VGA Cable (3+6) Male to Male Nick Plated (DAE)021kh
    Amewire 1080p VGA Cable (3+6) Male to Male Nick Plated (DAE)03kza

    CCS (Copper-Clad Steel) plays a vital role in various industries, particularly in telecommunications and electronics. This composite material consists of a steel core coated with a layer of copper, offering a balance between conductivity and strength. In telecommunications, CCS is commonly used in coaxial cables for transmitting signals over long distances with minimal signal loss. Its robustness makes it suitable for outdoor installations and underground cabling. Additionally, CCS finds applications in electronics manufacturing, where it provides cost-effective alternatives to pure copper conductors without compromising performance. Overall, CCS serves as a crucial component in ensuring reliable signal transmission and connectivity in modern communication systems.

    Double magnetic rings, often employed in electronic circuits and cables, serve a crucial function in mitigating electromagnetic interference (EMI) and radio frequency interference (RFI). Comprising two magnetic rings placed back to back, they create a closed magnetic circuit that effectively suppresses unwanted electromagnetic radiation. By absorbing and dissipating electromagnetic energy, double magnetic rings prevent interference from affecting sensitive electronic components and signals, ensuring optimal performance and reliability. This technology finds extensive use in various applications, including power supplies, data cables, and audio/video equipment, where maintaining signal integrity is paramount. Overall, double magnetic rings play a vital role in enhancing electromagnetic compatibility and reducing signal disturbances in electronic systems.

    Amewire 1080p VGA Cable (3+6) Male to Male Nick Plated (DAE)04r1m