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Amewire Cheap Price 3+9 5m VGA Cable Male to male Coaxial Monitor Cord

VGA Cable

Amewire Cheap Price 3+9 5m VGA Cable Male to male Coaxial Monitor Cord

Comprehensive data-video link cables offer versatile support for seamless transmission of both data and video signals, meeting diverse connectivity requirements.

VGA input to VGA input cable for direct video connection.

Tailor your setup with customizable cable lengths, ranging from 1.5m to 50m, ensuring optimal reach for your connectivity needs.

Plastic-coated copper-clad steel wire for durable and conductive applications.

External diameter measures 8.0mm for compatibility with various setups.

Choose between standard black or personalized colors to suit preferences.

Display supports 1080p resolution, providing high-definition viewing experience with clarity.

Achieve rapid 18 Gigabit per second data transfer speeds seamlessly.

Choose default or custom branding options to suit your needs.

Enables high-resolution video transfer for crisp and detailed imagery.

UL-rated and compliant with RoHS, CE, and CA65 standards.

Unmatched assistance ensures continuous support throughout the entire process.

    Product Description

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    The 3+9 VGA cable features a 12-pin configuration, combining 3 pins in one row and 9 pins in the other. This versatile cable facilitates the transmission of analog video signals, commonly used to connect computers, laptops, or other VGA-enabled devices to monitors, projectors, or TVs. With its sturdy construction and reliable connectors, the 3+9 VGA cable ensures stable signal transmission over moderate distances, providing clear and sharp visuals. Whether for professional presentations, gaming setups, or multimedia displays, this cable offers flexibility and compatibility, making it an essential component for various applications requiring VGA connectivity.

    BC (Bare Copper) and gold plating are essential elements in cable manufacturing. BC, known for its excellent conductivity and durability, serves as the core conductor, facilitating efficient signal transmission. Meanwhile, gold plating is applied to connectors to enhance conductivity and corrosion resistance, ensuring stable connections over time. Together, BC and gold plating optimize signal integrity and reliability in cables, reducing signal loss and interference. Whether used in audio, video, or data cables, the combination of BC and gold plating ensures high-quality performance, making them indispensable components in various electronic and communication systems.

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    3+9 VGA Male to male Coaxial Monitor Cable03ie7

    Upgrade to a durable and non-breaking fishtail design, ensuring worry-free usage without concerns about joint tail fracture. This enhanced design offers unparalleled resilience, providing robustness and longevity for sustained performance. With its strengthened construction, the fishtail design withstands rigorous use and environmental stresses, ensuring reliable connectivity in diverse applications. Say goodbye to worries about breakage or damage, as this innovative upgrade delivers peace of mind and durability. Whether in professional settings or everyday use, this fishtail design upgrade guarantees uninterrupted functionality, making it the ideal choice for those seeking long-lasting and dependable performance from their connectors.

    Featuring double magnetic rings, this cable ensures long-distance transmission while maintaining high-definition picture quality. These magnetic rings effectively suppress electromagnetic interference, ensuring clear and crisp visuals even over extended distances. Whether for professional presentations, gaming setups, or multimedia displays, this cable delivers reliable performance and pristine image quality. Say goodbye to signal degradation and distortion, as the double magnetic ring design guarantees uninterrupted HD viewing experiences. With its robust construction and advanced technology, this cable is the ideal choice for those seeking seamless long-distance transmission without compromising on visual clarity.

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