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Amewire High Quality HD15 3+4 Blue 15mtr VGA Plug Cable Male to Male Coaxial Monitor Cable

VGA Cable

Amewire High Quality HD15 3+4 Blue 15mtr VGA Plug Cable Male to Male Coaxial Monitor Cable

Comprehensive Data-Video Link: Cables providing comprehensive support for both data and video transfer needs.

VGA Input to VGA Input.

Customizable cable lengths, starting from 1.5m to 30m.

Plastic-Protected Copper-Clad Steel.

External diameter: 7.5mm.

Standard Black or Individualized Color Preferences.

1080p lines of vertical resolution.

Rapid 18 Gigabit per second speed.

Default or bespoke branding.

Supports high-resolution video transfer.

UL rated and RoHS, CE, CA65 compliant.

Unmatched assistance throughout the entire process, ensuring support at all times.

    Product Description

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    VGA3+4 cables and VGA3+6 cables are both video cable specifications. In the VGA cable 3+4 type, 3 means three-color wires, which are also 3 coaxial core wires, and 4 means four-color wires, which are also 4 wires. VGA cable 3+6 has two more cores than the 3+4 type. The function of these two cores is to allow the computer to automatically obtain information about the display device and automatically select the display device as the default display, while also automatically adjusting the resolution.

    BC copper (Bare Copper) and PVC (Polyvinyl Chloride) materials play integral roles in electrical wiring and cable manufacturing. BC copper, renowned for its high electrical conductivity and corrosion resistance, serves as the primary conductor in cables, facilitating the transmission of electrical signals with minimal loss. Its durability and malleability make it ideal for various applications, ensuring reliable performance over extended periods. PVC, on the other hand, serves as the insulation material, providing electrical insulation while also offering protection against moisture, chemicals, and abrasion. Together, BC copper and PVC form the backbone of electrical infrastructure, enabling safe and efficient power distribution in diverse environments.

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    VGA cables serve as versatile connectors suitable for a myriad of equipment across various industries. They seamlessly link desktop computers and laptops to monitors, enabling crisp display of graphics and data. Perfect for presentations, VGA cables effortlessly connect projectors to PCs, ensuring seamless visual communication. In industrial settings, they facilitate surveillance systems by connecting DVRs and NVRs to monitors, ensuring real-time monitoring of critical areas. Additionally, VGA cables support digital signage players, connecting them to displays for impactful advertising. From educational devices like document cameras to gaming consoles and legacy equipment, VGA cables offer universal compatibility, making them indispensable tools for diverse applications.

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