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Amewire New Arrival USB2.0 Extension Cable USB2.0 Male To Female Video Camera Extension Cable


Amewire New Arrival USB2.0 Extension Cable USB2.0 Male To Female Video Camera Extension Cable

USB2.0 Extension Cable offers smooth connectivity, enhancing USB functionality effortlessly.
Simply plug in for instant operation, making installation effortlessly easy.
Enjoy an immersive display experience with crystal-clear Full HD 1080p visuals.
Choose your preferred color option: black or white.
This product has external shielding to prevent interference
Items are packaged in a PE bag for secure delivery.
Items are in stock and ready for immediate purchase.

    Product Description


    The USB 2.0 Extension Cable delivers enhanced connectivity, ensuring seamless data transfer and extended reach for your USB devices. This high-quality cable allows you to easily connect peripherals such as keyboards, mice, printers, and other USB-compatible devices without the need to rearrange your workspace. Its durable construction ensures reliable performance and longevity, making it an essential accessory for both home and office use. With its plug-and-play functionality, setup is straightforward and hassle-free, requiring no additional software or drivers. The cable's robust shielding protects against interference, maintaining a stable connection for all your data transfer needs. Whether you need to extend the reach of your USB port or simply enhance your connectivity options, the USB 2.0 Extension Cable is a versatile and convenient solution. Enjoy the flexibility and efficiency it brings to your everyday tech setup.


    Gold-plated copper contacts ensure superior conductivity and durability for reliable connections. Impedance-matched conductors optimize signal transmission for enhanced performance. The braid-and-foil shield provides robust protection against electromagnetic interference, maintaining signal integrity in various environments. Additionally, the undermold shield enhances durability and provides extra protection for long-lasting use. These advanced features make this cable ideal for demanding applications where reliable connectivity is essential. Whether you're connecting audio, video, or data devices, you can trust this cable to deliver exceptional performance and durability. Upgrade your connectivity setup with this premium cable and experience the difference it makes in your audiovisual experience.


    Utilizing pure copper conductors, this cable ensures efficient signal transmission for your audio, video, or data devices. The PVC insulation offers reliable protection and durability, safeguarding the cable from wear and tear. Meanwhile, the metal braided shield provides additional shielding against interference, maintaining signal integrity even in challenging environments. Whether you're connecting speakers, monitors, or peripherals, this cable delivers stable and high-quality connections. Its versatile design makes it suitable for various applications, from home entertainment setups to professional audiovisual installations. Trust in the superior performance and durability of this cable to meet your connectivity needs. With its combination of high-quality materials and advanced shielding, it ensures that your devices operate seamlessly and reliably. Upgrade your connectivity setup with this dependable cable and experience enhanced audiovisual experiences with every connection.


    The addition of a matching magnetic ring enhances signal stability by effectively suppressing interference from external frequency bands. This ensures smoother and more reliable transmission, particularly in environments with high electromagnetic interference. Whether you're transferring data, audio, or video signals, the magnetic ring helps maintain signal integrity for optimal performance. Its compact design allows for easy integration into various setups, providing a seamless solution to common connectivity issues. Enjoy peace of mind knowing that your transmissions are protected against disruptions, resulting in clearer audio, sharper video, and faster data transfer rates. Upgrade your setup with this simple yet effective solution and experience a more stable and reliable connection for all your devices and applications.