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Amewire Gold-Plated Braided High Speed Display Port Cable DP 1.2 Cable

DP Cable

Amewire Gold-Plated Braided High Speed Display Port Cable DP 1.2 Cable

Synchronized Data-Video Connection: Cables ensuring synchronized transmission of both data and video signals.

DP Input to DP Input.

Customizable cable lengths, starting from 1m to 5m.

Steel-Clad Copper with Plastic Casing.

Standard Black or Individualized Color Preferences.

High-quality 4K 60HZ resolution.

Protective plastic packaging or customized box packaging.

Three-year warranty period.

Applications: Compatible with most DP port devices.

Generic or customized LOGO.

Superior pre-purchase guidance and ongoing post-sale support, always accessible.

    Product Description

    DP 1asx

    Flicker-free Experience
    The Richupon DisplayPort 1.2 Cable offers an excellent solution for both video streaming and gaming enthusiasts alike. With support for resolutions up to 4K at 60Hz and 2K at an impressive 165Hz refresh rate, this cable ensures crystal-clear visuals and smooth motion rendering, enhancing the overall viewing and gaming experience.

    The 4K resolution at 60Hz provides stunning detail and clarity, making it ideal for streaming high-definition content on compatible displays. Additionally, the cable's ability to handle 2K resolution at 165Hz refresh rate is especially beneficial for gamers, as it effectively reduces motion blur, screen tearing, and flickering, resulting in a truly immersive and comfortable gaming experience.

    Ultra Durability
    Richupon's DP to DP 1.2 cable stands out with its exceptional durability and superior performance features. Encased in high-quality PVC jackets, this cable boasts a remarkable resilience, capable of enduring over 15,000 bends without succumbing to damage, ensuring longevity and reliability even with frequent use. Its multiple shielding layers effectively combat interference, preserving signal integrity and guaranteeing interference-free data transmission, crucial for maintaining stable connections in various environments. Furthermore, equipped with 24K gold-plated connectors and crafted with 30 AWG wire gauge, this cable ensures not only reliable but also high-quality transmission, enhancing stability and conductivity for seamless performance. Whether you're gaming, streaming, or engaging in professional tasks, Richupon's DP to DP 1.2 cable delivers unparalleled durability and unwavering data transmission, promising an uninterrupted and superior user experience.

    DP 17us
    DP 182f

    Broad Compatibility
    Experience seamless connectivity and unparalleled visual clarity with Richupon's DisplayPort cable. Designed to effortlessly connect DisplayPort-compatible PCs or laptops to monitors or projectors, this cable ensures crystal-clear audio and high-definition video transmission for an immersive viewing experience. With its plug-and-play functionality, setting up your display configuration is a breeze, allowing you to get to work or play without any hassle. The unique latch-free design of the connectors makes plugging and unplugging effortless, eliminating frustration and streamlining your setup process. Whether you're engaging in professional tasks or enjoying multimedia content, trust Richupon's DisplayPort cable to deliver reliable performance and unmatched convenience, enhancing your overall computing experience.

    OEM/ODM Service
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    DP 1b23