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Amewire High Speed DisplayPort 1.2 Male to Male DP Cable

DP Cable

Amewire High Speed DisplayPort 1.2 Male to Male DP Cable

Integrated Data and Video Transmission: Cables designed to unify data and video transfer functions.

Connectors: DP male to DP male

Selectable lengths starting at 1m, extendable up to 5m

Materials: Nylon braided + Aluminum shell

Available in Black or Personalized Color Options

4K DP cable of vertical resolution

Swift 48 Gbps transfer rate

Packaging: PE bags, or customized box packaging

Warranty: 3 years

Applications: Compatible with most DP port devices

Logo: Neutral or customized

Services: Good pre-sales and after-sales service, be with you at anytime

    Product Description

    Amewire High Speed DisplayPort 1won

    "Introducing the Certified DP to DP Cable 1.2, your gateway to superior display performance. Endorsed by the prestigious VESA Association, this cable ensures uncompromised quality and compatibility. Experience fluid motion with refresh rates of up to 165Hz at 2K resolution (2560x1440), ideal for gaming enthusiasts and demanding users alike. Dive into the world of Ultra High Definition with support for UHD 4K streaming at 60Hz (3840×2160), delivering stunning clarity and detail. Trust in our cable's reliability and durability, engineered with precision and backed by certification. Elevate your visual experience with the Certified DP to DP Cable 1.2."

    Experience seamless connectivity with our DisplayPort Male to DisplayPort Male cable 1.2, designed for wide compatibility and ease of use. Simply connect this cable from your DisplayPort-equipped desktop or laptop directly to your monitor, eliminating the need for additional adapters or converters. Enjoy hassle-free setup and reliable performance, whether you're gaming, streaming, or working on professional projects. With its straightforward design and plug-and-play functionality, our cable ensures a smooth and efficient connection every time.

    Amewire High Speed DisplayPort 1xm8
    Amewire High Speed DisplayPort 12aq

    Say goodbye to interference and hello to durability with our Anti-Interference+Ultra Durability DisplayPort cable. Featuring inner triple braided foil shielding, this cable reduces interference, ensuring optimal signal quality for your displays. Additionally, its double nylon braided construction and gold-plated connectors not only enable faster data transfer but also enhance durability, guaranteeing long-lasting performance. Whether you're engaging in intense gaming sessions or demanding professional work, trust in our cable to deliver a reliable and uninterrupted connection, free from interference and built to withstand the rigors of daily use.

    The DisplayPort (DP) line serves as a vital conduit for transmitting high-quality audio and video signals between devices, predominantly used to connect computers or other source devices to display monitors or screens. Its primary function is to facilitate the delivery of high-resolution visuals, supporting a broad spectrum of resolutions from standard HD to Ultra HD and beyond, alongside high refresh rates for smooth motion rendering in gaming and multimedia content. Additionally, DP enables the transmission of deep color and high bit depths, ensuring accurate and vibrant color reproduction. Its versatility extends to accommodating multiple monitors through daisy-chaining, simplifying setup and enhancing productivity. DP's capability to support adaptive sync technologies further enhances visual performance by mitigating issues like screen tearing and stuttering. Moreover, it also incorporates features like an Audio Return Channel for transmitting audio from the display back to the source device, contributing to a streamlined multimedia experience. In essence, the DP line stands as a robust and multifunctional interface, driving seamless and immersive display connectivity across various applications and environments.

    Amewire High Speed DisplayPort 1b7s